Recorded Webinar – Approaching Today’s Market

Below you’ll find a link to today’s recorded webinar.  I’d strongly suggest that you take the time to watch it.  It is very important to understand that most of the market is extremely expensive and risky.  This is the case in both equities and fixed income.  Over the short-term, it is impossible to know what […]


Route to an $8MM Portfolio – WSJ Article

Hello Everybody, In year 6 of a bull market, it has become clear that performance chasing is very much in vogue.  We’ve taken a number of calls from individuals who’ve been thrilled at their ability to profit in positions by holding them for a few days or weeks.  In addition, performance tracking on a monthly […]


Stress Test – Citigroup Nearly $8 Billion Stock Buyback

Hello Everybody, Today, the results of the stress tests including capital allocation plans were announced and the results were quite favorable.  These tests are honestly rather silly as the Fed uses hypothetical models and the most draconian assumptions possible to forecast the results.  Also, there are extremely subjective measurements made by a lot of bureaucrats, […]

Stock Market Bubble?

The Bubble to be Worried About

Hello Everybody, This week a milestone was reached with the Nasdaq crossing 5,000 for the first time since the Tech Bubble busted in 2000.  Any credible analyst would have told you that the Nasdaq was in a bubble at that time.  The problem is that they also would have said that starting in 1996, so […]