Russia – Scary but Too Cheap to Ignore

What if I told you that with the S&P 500 at an all-time high, you could buy one of the 5 most important companies in the world for 2 times earnings?  The same company has very low leverage and a dividend yield well in excess of 7%.  These are real opportunities that we are finding […]

Profile of a Value Investment – International Coal / Energy Stocks

The recent crash in the energy markets reminded me of an article we wrote in 2012, which outlined famous value investor Prem Watsa’s investment in International Coal.  This article is highly relevant to what is going now and how money can be made over the long-term, through investing in cyclical industries during downturns.  Value investing […]

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Black Friday for Energy Stocks – What it Means

While most people were recovering from a gluttonous Thanksgiving, the energy markets were extremely active last Friday.  The price of U.S. crude oil fell 10.2% in the day, while energy stocks were massacred.  The primary reason for the decline was OPEC’s decision to keep production steady, despite calls from many of its constituents to cut […]