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Skating to Where the Puck is Going – A Lesson on Dividend Investing

The greatest hockey player ever Wayne Gretzky once said that “the key to scoring goals is going where the puck is going, not where it has been.”  I’ve found this to be a very apt quote to describe value investing.  You don’t chase performance irrespective of valuation, which is what most momentum investors do.  Even […]


Biotech Index Down 14% This Week

At T&T Capital Management (TTCM), we define risk as the risk of taking permanent losses of capital.  Of course we are going to be susceptible to short-term mark to market selloffs just like anybody else, but we want to be invested in undervalued and profitable businesses that will recover and thrive through downturns.  While the […]

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Improving Fundamentals Versus Declining Stock Prices

When investing, the fundamental question is what is the value of the business versus the pricing being offered?  If that value is substantially greater than the price offered, one has a strong expectation of attractive profits and a margin of safety, which means that the investor isn’t likely to lose money over the long-term.  Companies […]


Stocks as Fractional Shares of a Business – Mr. Market

Many people think of the stock market as being akin to a casino.  Truthfully, for many market participants that engage in speculation or market timing, it is very similar to a casino.  This is where Warren Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham brought so much value in his epic books Security Analysis and the Intelligent Investor.  In […]