Calpers to Exit Hedge Funds – Victim of Recency Bias?

On behalf of our Chief Investment Officer Tim Travis… Hello Everybody, In today’s WSJ, there is an interesting article about the largest U.S. pension plan’s decision to exit their hedge fund portion of the portfolio.  The rationale behind the decision is that the hedge funds have underperformed the overall market and the costs are higher […]

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In Search of Income from Investments? – TTCM’s Unique Solution

Due to the Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) and quantitative easing measures, retirees and savers find themselves with very few investment options for generating much needed income.  Conventionally, as people get closer to retirement or are indeed actually retired, financial advisors have recommended a shift towards income-generating investments such as bonds and annuities.  […]


Investors Pour Into Index Funds – Bad Timing?

On behalf of our Chief Investment Officer Tim Travis… Successful long-term investing often means finding a route quite different from the path of least resistance that the investing “herd” takes.  Wall Street and financial charlatans play on storylines, which can be sold to scared or perhaps naïve investors.  For instance, there was a tremendous volume […]

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Looking Three Years Out When Investing

On behalf of our Chief Investment Officer Tim Travis… In a world where data of just about any kind is literally seconds away with a few strokes from your fingertips, it is not hard to get swallowed up in the hysteria of short-termism, in relation to your investment approach.  The term “investing” means purchasing a […]