Learn to Treat Your Portfolio Like a Business

In today’s market environment many investors are experiencing anxieties pertaining  to high potential inflation, a depreciating dollar, and increasingly speculative activities driven by once in a lifetime loose monetary policies.


Learn Cover PageUnfortunately for  most investors, the majority of financial advisors and brokers rely on outdated  models of asset allocation that are based on historical data from a more accommodating economy. If objectives like income generation and maximizing risk‐adjusted returns throughout market cycles are important to you, then this is perfect for you.  T&T Capital Management believes the keys to finding lasting investment success in today’s market by following proven strategies used by the most successful investors in history.

1.  The difference between investing and speculation.


2.  Active portfolio management with a value investing philosophy and how it can significantly improve your investment performance over the long term.


3.  The pitfalls of a fixed income portfolio in an inflationary environment and how that can be a recipe for disaster.


4.  Using equity options used as a tool can offer you more income and less risk than a traditional long-only equity portfolio.


5.  How cumbersome fee structures and irrational expectations stack the odds against you and your ability to invest successfully.

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